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10-13-2006, 08:16 PM
the key to increasing positive polarization with the earth is to realize that
the earth is already positively polarized. you are not attempting to do
anything to the earth when you attempt to polarize positively with regard to it.
you are joining it in its dance.

the earth is dancing a dance of love and joy. every flower and tree waves in
harmony and ecstasy, dancing perfectly with all of the other elements of
creation surrounding it. we feel that many of you have had experiences where you
tapped into this dance, the song of nature, the wonderful jig of creation. some
of you have seen the mountains clap their hands, and the seas and the oceans
leap for joy.

enter into the joy of the dance of earth! it is already ongoing. you have
only to cast aside every doubt and every thought that would keep you from being
purely an elemental part of creation and join in its dance. many have attempted
to make this a complicated thing. it is not at all complex. it is a matter of
shedding complexity and embracing what is.

don eli:
this is so refreshing in a society where religion teaches that the earth is
evil. but i might add the hope-inspiring idea that most all of our ancestors
worshipped the earth as mother.

don eli