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01-21-2002, 02:00 PM
hi, all interested in remote viewing,

in the past interviews of ed dames i have detected what smells
like disinformation. i could fill this page with examples i i do
not want to get into that.

also he has been a strict critic of other remote viewers and in the
a line of shakespeare. i think hamlet, "thou doest object to much." i
sense a sub-natural rift.

but, and not to defame the great work that he does, just suppose his
past military attachment preclude that he and/or others are in place to
offset the eventual use of remote viewing for disclosing the nuts and
bolts of conspiracy.

however, within ancient wisdom is the idea that "in the nature of evil
is it own undoing." so, in the spirit of spy versus spy and sto, can
rving collectively counteract the independent misuse of rving?

think on that for the fun of it all,


01-21-2002, 05:28 PM
hi all and in particular rod,

i am not to confident in ed dames either. he is too much of a showman for my
liking and as a result, i sense that he, at best, would sacrifice protocols
for a good story. i also work with a small group of friends here. we set our
own targets. the way we keep the targets blind is that we make a list of 15
targets each. we do not let the others know what our own targets are. we
then place these targets in separate envelopes, shuffle them and then assign
them co-ordinates. this makes it a one in 60 chance of guessing. actually,
it is greater than that because 45 targets are unknown to the rv'er. if you
have done some rv'ing you know when you are speculating and when you are
tapping into the signal anyway. with a bit of experience you also start to
appreciate when you are being misled (analytical overlay). the envelope
method i developed from one of joe mcmoneagle's books where he suggested
something similar.

the real question you are asking though is who does one trust in the remote
viewing community. i would suggest you need not trust anyone but rather go
and do it yourself. i have posted the links before to the group but if
anyone would like these again let me know.

at this stage rod i do not have someone to screen targets for our group.
this is important because it is possible for people to send you to some
horrible and unpleasant places. once again the question of trust! i could
include the target in the next pool we make but the results will take 3 to
12 months before they would be available.

irrespective of the data one can receive from remote viewing the greatest
revelation for me is that it was a verifiable way to obtain a glimpse of how
great we can be. my greatest pleasure would be to see others entertain these
potentials within themselves. as rod so rightly points out, the more people
who develop these and other skills, the more quickly the veil of darkness
will be lifted.