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Light Eye
12-27-2005, 11:48 AM
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more interesting thoughts from dr. paul laviolette.


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gravity well surrounding the galactic core

the luminous cosmic ray emitting source at the center of our galaxy is not a
"black hole" as some astronomers and the unwitting mass media would have you
believe. rather, it is a celestial orb that is over 2 million times the mass of
our sun and currently is seen, to radiate about 20 million times as much energy
as our sun. with a density of more than one ton per cubic centimeter, similar to
a white dwarf, it would measure about one solar diameter. this galactic core
mass, known as sagittarius a*, does not swallow matter to generate its energy.
rather, both energy and matter are spontaneously created within its depths
seemingly in blatant violation of the first law of thermodynamics (see below).
the ensuing outward flux of radiation keeps this central "mother star" from

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