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10-29-2005, 10:32 AM
the other day i was driving thru downtown. my thought process
(probably a shopping list) was interrupted and i began to notice my
surroundings? dark ugly paved streets, cement sidewalks stained by
the constant refuse and travel of people, the dull dirty mortar,
brick, steel, glass covering the sides of the buildings. everything
i viewed seemed so dismal, as if it was devoid of life.

this autumn time of year, according to some, is the end of the year
cycle. how fall always affects me is as reminder of loss? the loss
of the leaves, flowers, the leaving of birds and other small
animals, the shortening of the days and the length spent in the rays
of our sun. now, i don't go into a depression by any means. i still
enjoy the unique fall smells and brilliant colors, and the attitude
of relaxation that seems to start to overcome nature. it's just that
my friend, summer, is going away for awhile and i'll miss her.

anyway i'm saying this for a reference point as i tell you what
happened next?
while driving in the car viewing so much unattractive lifelessness,
one of the thoughts came to mind that i had learned/remembered from
reading loo lately? "all is one? there is beauty and divinity in
all?" (um, paraphrased, of course)
okay? so where is divine beauty in all the ugly mess authored by
humanity that i was currently viewing?

the next thought that came to mind was transforming?
"look for the light"
look for the light???!
at first i didn't grasp the idea, and then it hit me. i slightly
changed my attitude to the intent to see the light in my
surroundings... opening myself up to change direction (polarity?),
with a willingness to see the creator in all. what i saw was
brilliant! the streets, sidewalks, office buildings, cars, none of
those shapes had changed... but what i viewed did...i can say i saw
the light, the living light within it all? shining, almost pulsating
and breathing, bursting forth from what i just had previously viewed
as ugly and dead.
how do i describe it? the impressionists painted light onto canvas
in a new way, for their time. they painted the living light. what i
saw was "similar" to what they painted.

i "know" there is life, light and love in all? but most of the time
i am so distracted by what i think i'm loosing or gaining i miss
seeing the loving beauty of the divine that we are constantly
immersed and surrounded in.

we have eyes, if only we could see...
i know my experience is my no means unique and that we all at times
are submerged in the unity and beauty of love and light, our
creator. i would really like to hear individual "stories" of how the
loo has made an impact in your/our lives.
it's halloween and i've been hearing so many dark stories that i'd
like to be reminded of the transforming strength of the light.
blessings and joy

10-29-2005, 04:55 PM
really, truly. thank you for the story.

the buddha was meditating under a tree on a hot bright day with a disciple
of his. this disciple seemed intensely frustrated with something, and
couldn't clear his mind. he perceived the buddha, who remained serene and
peaceful. this became a source of irritation. the disciple finally began to
grow more tumultuous, and stirred. he looked accusingly at the buddha, his
teacher, whose face revealed nothing save the calmness and tranquility of
its owner, and angrily said to him, why. why can you be so serene, so happy,
when there is so much suffering in the world?? this world is a pile of cow
dung (the actual sanskrit is more graphic than that!), this world is bleak
and wretched. how can you remain so at peace?

the buddha said nothing, and remained motionless, save his big toe, which he
took from his lap and planted upon the ground. in an instant, the world was
transformed-- jewels dripped from every tree. the blades of grass became a
sea of gems. the sky, the sun, roared with majesty, like a song. everything
was beautiful.

the buddha smiled and said, it's just how you see it.


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