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mary jo fahey
10-22-2005, 04:57 PM

here's a story from the book the secret life of plants (peter tompkins and
christopher bird, 1973). it reminds me of the law of one:

chapter 5 is called life magnified 100 million times. it's about a man named
sir jagadis chandra bose who lived in bengal india in the late 1800s. he was
a genius in physics and mathematics and succeeded in transmitting radio
waves a year before marconi. he was terribly discriminated against by the
british but accomplished remarkable achievements in spite of them. in 1899,
he noticed his metallic receiver (from his radio experiments) became less
sensitive if used continuously -- but it returned to normal after a period
of rest. he concluded that metals exhibit recovery from fatigue -- similar
to animals and people. he began to study the curves of molecular reactions
in inorganic substances and living animal tissue and found the same response
and recovery patterns. to continue his tests between extremes such as metals
and animal life, he decided to also test vegetables. he discovered that they
responded just like metals and muscles. in an address to the royal
institution on may 10, 1901, bose told those present,

"i understand for the first time a little of that message proclaimed by my
ancestors on the banks of the ganges thirty centuries ago:

'they who see but one, in all the changing manifoldness of this universe,
unto them belongs eternal truth -- unto none else, unto none else!'

mary jo