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Light Eye
10-15-2005, 11:48 AM
dear friends,

i'm not a fan of alex, but this is interesting.


be well, be love.


former naval physicist: government can control hurricanes
former vet "made it rain" during vietnam war

alex jones was joined on air yesterday by weather modification expert ben

livingston discussed in detail proven evidence of hurricane control and his
research and experiences with cloud seeding and weather weapons used in the
vietnam war.

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many scoff at the possibility of weather control and simply refuse to believe it
exists. attempting to even engage such people in conversation on the subject is
fruitless because their mind is set. yet the reality is that weather
modification has been in operation and continual development since the 1960s.

livingston, now 77, has a master's degree in cloud physics from the naval
weapons center and navy post graduate school in california, a degree he later
used in the battlefields.

according to a recent report "he seeded clouds and dramatically increased
rainfall in his theater of war, creating impassably muddy roads, slowing down
the vietnamese and korean troops, and saving lives and entire towns from

livingston was even invited to the white house where he briefed president lyndon
b. johnson on the effectiveness of weather control activities. livingston
asserts that hurricane control was a national priority of the government in the
60s and they had the ability to do it at that time. that was 40 years ago.

he now works with scientists and pilots at weather modification inc., in fargo,
n.d. his research of hurricane control has been confirmed by the stanford
research institute.

he has personally flown on 265 missions into the eyes of hurricanes and has gone
on record as "most disgusted" with hurricane katrina because he knows that the
storm itself could have been minimized.

livingston revealed that to reduce or redirect a category 4 hurricane would not
be that difficult:

"a hurricane is made up of energy sails and each of those sails adds to the
ferocity of it. it was proven in 1974 by an international project that these
energy sails exist and that they are the reason that hurricanes can develop and
grow move and cause damages. so there's no reason to attack the hurricane in
total but just to fly in to the right front quadrant primarily relative to the
direction the storm is moving in and seed those energy sails that are converging
and making the rain and wind velocity increase in the front part of a
hurricane." livingston asserted.

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10-15-2005, 01:29 PM
hey david,

> i'm not a fan of alex, but this is interesting.

i can understand not being a fan of his. prison planet is nihilistic and
sensational, from what i've seen. also, if making money and gaining
self-promotion from people's fear and governmental activities isn't sts,
then i'm not sure what is. ;-) i don't see too many solutions or
information on how people can become less scared on his site, either...to me
what he is doing would just make the whole situation worse.

my own fear has been gradually starting to recede over the last couple of
weeks, but when i did have it, sites like alex's didn't help...and i'm
guessing they don't help other people, either.

10-15-2005, 01:40 PM

another thing about that link, now that i think of it. i'm no
meteorologist, but to me cloud seeding would be a blunt instrument...a very
hit and miss affair. i've read implications online that suggest that there
are means of having much more sophisticated and precise control of the
direction and movement of hurricanes...and it actually sounded as though
they were possibly using knowledge of something similar to your own model of
hyperdimensional physics...that they understood the energetic chain reaction
that was taking place with a hurricane, and had actually figured out how to
manipulate it...to reduce/increase said reaction, at least to a degree.