View Full Version : Skepticalinvestigations & IONS 11th International Conference

06-07-2005, 03:17 AM
hey hey,

this is a very intresting site:
http://www.skepticalinvestigations.org/ this site shows the diffrence
between a dogmatic skeptic like james randi etc and skeptics.
they show just as dw says on his site, that there is enough scientific
evidence for telepathy, telekinese etc.
they show how dogmatic skeptics are basicly unscientifical and just
using science as a tool for propagandising their world view.
anywayz i found it pretty handy in discussion with some people who
immediatly start debunking with arguments from the csicop
organisations when you talk about telepathy or whatever paranormal
phenomena. the site shows that there is a real scientific community
with nobel prize winners etc supporting the evidence.

the following doesn't have directly to do with dw and
ascension2000.com. but there is an ions conference organised by the
institute of noetic sciences, some speakers are mentioned in the
divine cosmos book like dean radin from the global counsciousness
project etc. thought some people would be intrested in it.
it's on july 6-11, 2005, at the hyatt regency crystal city in
arlington, virginia. more info: http://www.noetic.org/