View Full Version : The Fallacy of Jealousy

Michael Bergman
03-20-2005, 09:50 AM
hey group,
just sharing some more writings

what does it mean to be jealous? what does it mean to be envious of
another? why would your relation to the happiness of another being, arise
within you anger instead of joy? why do you feel the need to learn for
another by trying to protect them from being hurt and from experiencing
pain? why and from where does this feeling of distrust and suspicion arise?
what is jealousy but a fear of being replaced, a fear that you are not
good enough the way that you are, a fear that you will be abandoned and left
out in the cold to die alone, a fear that you are unworthy and undeserving
of unconditional love?

imagine that you are in a wonderful intimate relationship with another
being. you are so close to this person that you can complete each other?s
sentences, so deeply in love that you feel as if your hearts beat in unison
and that you will live happily ever after. now imagine that one day your
partner meets another being and they start to hang out and they enjoy each
other?s company and perhaps have more things in common and you even find out
that they have shared a kiss. can you accept this behavior? can you still
feel the love and self-worth for yourself? can you look upon this situation
without fear and the accompanying feelings of anger, betrayal and jealousy?
do you understand that all fear is a belief in separation and that if you
are one with your partner, you are also one with your partner?s new friend?
when you are one with all beings than there is no separation, there is no
arising of fear when the unity of love is known.

let us get one thing straight and that is that you are one of a kind, you
are inimitable in your uniqueness. your points of view, your angles of
perception, your biases, your preferences, your choices, your opinions, your
beliefs, your thoughts, your feelings, your experiences, the story of your
life goes unmatched. that is right; who you are right now is beyond
comparison meaning you are beyond judgment for in your uniqueness lies
nothing but beauty. there never has been, there is not now and there never
will be another you that is exactly the same as the way that you are. you
are a flake of god on a most magical and treasured journey of

don?t you see how integral that makes you to the functioning of the
universe? can you accept that you are a perfect portion of a perfect plan
of a perfect creation? don?t you see how the knowledge of your experiences
is a gift given back in reciprocation to the one infinite creator?s gift of
free will? without your presence there is no present, you are that
essential. give thanks for the opportunity to be present for your presence
is not really your own but is the gift of god?s eternal present of freedom.
if god loved and entrusted you so much as to love you into existence with
the complete freedom of will of awareness, then why can you not feel the
same worth about yourself? love giving back to love in the expansion of
infinity, that is all that there is.

when you finally come to know how irreplaceable you truly are, your
uniqueness will transcend all doubts of your worth and the fallacy of
jealousy will become a distant memory falling away into nothingness. open
your heart, empty your mind and receive your worth for you are worthy beyond
measure for you are love, you are limitless; you are the mystery that is
forever one.

i am still working on this by the way :)