View Full Version : Plasma in "The Electric Universe"

08-20-2004, 03:21 PM
hello fellow asc2kararians,

was the end of the dinosaur age due to a shift of earths
gravitational force?
as "the divine cosmos" mentions plasma numerous times, i thought you
may enjoy these two sites.

the first link is a lauralee.com 'audio on demand' page, and the
speakers have laura buzzing with excitement, as she realizes the
power of these new plasma discoveries. as you probably know, a laura
lee interview lasts for one hour.


if you are pressed for time, a (too)concise description of plasma is
found with this web page -


i highly recommend you hear the laura lee interview first though, to
get the big picture.

btw - thanks for the www.whatthebleep.com link. it looks like some
great 'soul food' coming our way :-)

love and harmony to all.