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Light Eye
10-29-2004, 04:27 AM
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researchers detect methane on mars

"while it's tantalizing to think there are living things on mars, we aren't in a
position to say that is what is causing the methane."
ann arbor mi (spx) oct 29, 2004

a university of michigan scientist is part of a european space agency team that
has detected methane gas on mars, the clearest indicator yet that there could be
life there, said sushil atreya, professor and director of the planetary science
laboratory in the college of engineering.

"biologically produced methane is one of many possibilities," atreya said.
"methane is a potential biomarker, if a planet has methane we begin to think of
the possibility of life on the planet. on earth, methane is almost entirely
derived from biological sources."
mars resembles earth more than any other planet in our solar system, and
studying its atmosphere gives us a greater understanding of our own.
how the methane got to mars is the big question, and there are several possible
sources, atreya said. the most exciting scenario is that methanogens - microbes
that consume the martian hydrogen or carbon monoxide for energy and exhale
methane - dwell in colonies out of sight beneath the surface of the red planet.

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