View Full Version : 4th dimensional energy and the chakras

07-08-2004, 10:21 AM
hello my dears,

i'd like to share the journal entry of my morning meditation. it's a
way of expressing the functions of all seven major chakras in terms
of love, which is the major characteristic of the 4th density
energies coming into our little solar system, and of existence as an
entity in 4th density:

root chakra - i am created from love

navel chakra - i make love

solar plexus - i make love manifest

heart chakra - i feel love

throat chakra - i express love

third eye - i see love everywhere ...or... i enter into love

crown chakra - i am love ...or... unified in love

love is the root, meaning, function and purpose of all phenomena, of
all life. all is love, everything lives.

if you meditate on your chakras, try and bring the energy of love
into all their diverse functions... because right now, there's a lot
of love in the 'room'!

love and light,

graeme xxxxx