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06-21-2004, 08:07 AM
alex - wow and double wow. i started reading your dream, and i have had a
similar dream, although not so much *specific* information was shared with
me...just feelings about myself. but the dream i had, left me with a feeling
that i
had actually had the experience, taht it wasnt a drteam, that the dream was
just an opporunity to make communications possible. so i first started reading
your dream and i thought, this dream isnt fully symbolic, it is also partially
actually happening. i think the snow outside, stopping you from going out,
might represent the state of our society, the closed-mindedness of many people,
the fact taht you arent able to get a job yet. another thing that stikes me
that your dream was real is that, the timing is perfect. i have jsut recently
begun to ahve such radical incredible changes in my every day life that i have
declined to post about them because i feel it would be more effective in
personal communication, i.e., talking about it with people who actually ask. but
suffice to say that i am becoming conscious of the nature of reality. so i
believe taht the idea to share personal addresses and to get more 'up close and
personal' is an idea that is straight from heaven. perhaps the people you saw at
the university are the people that are going to be playing a role in your
spiritual growth. who knows. glad you shared your dream alex! love, kyle!

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06-21-2004, 09:40 AM
love and light for everybody !
my dear fellows, i have about 2 years in the list and i have
remained reading and assimilating the great messages from all of
you, learning a lot. i'm mexican but i live in santiago chile since
1999; maybe my english is no the best but i will try to express my
ideas in a good manner.

last night i had an extrange dream, let me tell you a little about
it, unfortunately i can't remember the whole dream. i was in home
with my wife and kids and we were talking about the weather changes
on earth, i remember that the house was too cold. when i was trying
to go out from the house i couldn't due to the great quantity of
snow out there (snow at santiago ?), finally after several hours i
could go out and went to the university (note: currently i'm not
assisting to any university). in there i met an extrange being
(about 8 feets tall maybe more, thin, with a beautiful clothes,
stuck to the body, white color but the fabric very extrange. very
pale, blue eyes, blond hair) and and he started to talked me
(mentally) and he told his name, but at the same time telling me
that the name nothing means, whatever, he was astarsheridan and he
was telling me that there would be many more changes in ourselves
and in the planet, some subtles and some other big changes, all of
these in a "short time". he talked to me about an incident that i
had when i felt a hard pain in my left arm 2 days ago, he told me
that that was an "attempt" to heart attack due to the last stress
levels that i have had (lately we have had monetary problems, i
don't have job and i have been trying to find one but without
fortune), well, he told me about it: "you did the right thing, you
could stop the attack mentally, you controled the energy, it was a
test put by yourselve, never forget your meditations" (lately i
stopped my meditations by tiredness, i was getting slept in many
times). another thing that i remember is that he told me that
we "should" (the members of the list) try to join us an share
more "intimately" and share our respective addresses if something
happen with internet, how would we be communicated ?. one thing
more, i could see at the university that david and many of you were
there, even that i don't "know" you in person.

thanks a lot in advance for read this words.
love and light,