View Full Version : You never know

Michael Bergman
05-29-2004, 09:53 AM
you never know when your last moment will be
knowing that you never know is the bliss of infinity
without the unknown there could be no creativity
without birth and death there could be no eternity
so why not live every moment as a possible last?
forget about the future and forget about the past
the only thing that matters is that matter doesn?t last
the only thing that lasts is no thing at all
for all that is in motion must come to a stall
and in that still space is a silence so sweet
a place for all time and the timeless to meet
so i ask you this question, ?what is the big deal??
you either exist or you don?t, tell me ?how does that feel??
if you exist then be happy for the simple reason that you exist
and if you don?t exist then how can there be any problem to persist?
if you exist then be happy no matter how life appears
and if you don?t exist then there is no one to have any fears
with this understanding i am happy either way
if the universe is a dance then let the music play
take my outstretched hand as we twirl around and sway
singing the song of creation as i go about my day
?love alone is real, isness alone is?, that is all i have to say


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