View Full Version : rearrengement of complexity

Chaotic Anomaly
12-21-2003, 09:33 AM
see if you can follow this one..

from the first life to be spawned on this planet, till now, the
number of organisms and species has been growing, as well as the
complexity of the average individual from any species.

this has created a true global network of ecological affairs. as if
something was kept waiting in the shaddows for the time to become

my question; is it plausible that given enough time the whole of life
of the planet will evolve into a single organism (think parasitism,
comensalism)? i.e. one being that feeds from the planet itself and
cosmic radiation?

if so, it is possible that this entity would be able to send spores
into other words, generating the seeds of life, and ultimately, the
creation of another similar entity, completely complex and definitely

now, given these thoughts, how about a new analysis of lovecraft's
tales and the beings among the stars.

"that cannot die which eternal lies."