View Full Version : What are some alternatives to microwave? Infrared Cooker?

11-22-2003, 02:59 AM

my parents are so depended on using microwave to warm up their food
specially foods that would last for two or more meals. we all know
that microwave destroy the nutrients when it is heated. i told them
about it and seem like they are not too concern about it unless
there is an alternative that is as convienance as a microwave.
steaming takes too long for them and some foods like breads you can
steam it.

so my question to everyone is, are there other alternative cookwares
out there for warming up left over foods? also, i did some research
and found that there are infrared cooker that claim to be better
than an oven and microwave. is this safe? please feel to post your
kitchen cookware recommendations if you have some. after i start
reading the law of one series, the diet recommendations posted here,
and also edgar cayce's reading on health, i decided it's time for me
to do a more detail research on diet and cookwares that is safe and
health to cook our foods.

i'm planning to post a summary in the near future base on your
feedbacks. i will keep you guys posted. i'm sure a lot of you would
be interested in this.

infrared cooker