View Full Version : CNN: News for dummies

Jeremy Weiland
08-30-2001, 09:54 AM
> it really shows how stupid they think people are - this is looking more
> orwellian all the time. if it were me, i would be more paranoid to see

ask my girlfriend, everytime i see the news on tv, i always say, as if
i'm surprised, "they must think we are all idiots."


> precarious the situation really is - and when they say that the "surplus"
> suddenly "vanished" they expect everyone just to keep on watching tv and
> forget about it - though i had a dream that indicated that many "ordinary"
> people were angered by that.

i don't want to descend into politics, but it is important to remember
that, since social security's beginning, congress has *always* used ss
surpluses to suplement their spending. this has been the norm, not the
exception, and it is only recently with all the balanced budget malarkey
that everybody's suddenly worried about the surplus. the surplus is the
*least* of the problems with social security, since even when they do have a
surplus, they can't invest it in any type of real life instrument and get a
return for the beneficiaries - all they can do is "borrow" from it. so the
"trust fund" really has no money in it - it's a bunch of gov't ious that
congress has already spent. that trust fund will only pay out when gov't
pays the money it owes the fund back - and you know where it's gonna get
that money, plus interest: taxes.

the whole surplus game is non-news, and is all politically motivated to
discredit bush (like he needs help).

> furthermore they don't call the middle east situation a war, even though
> that's what it is - they call it "the struggle for peace."

yeah and everytime they do a story on the mideast every network has a
cute little logo and introductory animation. it's really sickening how
"packaged" the whole thing is.

wouldn't count on network television for your unbiased news source, but
you already knew that :-)