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11-18-2003, 01:35 PM

just a quick note regarding your question about solar activity. laviolette's
galactic superwave theory is quite interesting, and if you have time i would
reccommend his very well researched books "beyond the big bang" and "earth
under fire". in summary, he shows how the center of our galaxy (xalba be, as
mayans termed it) often sends out bursts of cosmic energy/particles. our
sun's solar wind is not strong enough to counteract these particles, and they
cause cyclical catastrophes on earth. one bit of evidence----his analysis of
antarctica ice core samples shows very anomalous and high levels of tin, gold,
irridium, meteoric nickle, and extraterrestrial compounds at levels which date
to prior world catastrophes. my only disagreement with laviolette is his
stubborn insistence that charles hapgood's crustial displacement theory is

let me know if you have any comments.......dwight.

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> dear asc2k friends:
> my thoughts about the strange weather phenomenon fall into several distinct
> categories:
> solar activity - the solar flares and cme's recently have prompted the
> scientific community to consider a higher classification, from "x" to "z."
> can this kind of activity not affect us/earth? but to ask an even deeper
> question, is our sun a transmitting station for energies being sent to us from
> other parts of the cosmos to effect a quantum leap in our evolution and the
> resulting weather is simply a byproduct of this?
> group karma - the cause and effect of humanity's actions, whether condoned
> or simply allowed, such as physical or psychic pollution, nuclear testing,
> unprovoked wars, indiscriminate raping of the earth's natural resources in
> alternative energy sources, etc. etc. etc. has a profound impact on the
> weather we reap as the earth, which is a sentient being, is exposed to these
> energies.
> shifting of the ages - astrologically speaking, aren't there supposed to be
> shifts when we go from one archetypal aspect to another? and what we may or
> may not realize, these shifts will happen whether we choose to experience
> them with grace and ease, or kicking and screaming.
> high tech weaponry - has anybody heard of "weather wars?" apparently more
> than one country has developed scalar technology for various nefarious uses,
> which includes affecting the weather and causing earthquakes, as well as
> disabling nuclear weapons. why isn't the u.s. worried about the n. korean
> threat? do the countries that opposed the us invasion of iraq also have use
> of this technology? does this same technology have beneficial uses that can
> antiquate conventional energy sources as well as the ability to eliminate
> any and all diseases? is there control over this technology so that the
> that be can exploit conventional energy sources and perpetuate human disease
> for their own greed?
> divine intervention - i love our discussion regarding religious teachings,
> because a common thread of divinity runs through them all, whether it has been
> denied, altered, encoded or deleted, you cannot erase it from the core of
> our beings. as multidimensional beings we exist on other levels beside our 3d
> physical bodies. perhaps mass consciousness has decided at some level that
> we are ready to graduate from this level of our soul's evolution and move on
> to the next stage of our experience in forever. the phrase, "divine order,"
> can in someway be interpreted as what we have divinely ordered for ourselves
> from the cosmic kitchen.
> healing love,
> bev

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