View Full Version : Cancer linkage the full scoop (Plus HIV)

04-14-2003, 09:01 PM
hi clarke and interested onlookers,

clarke said: this is known as the cluster or micro-cluster argument.
dr.lee lorenzen did most of his research in japan, the book entitles "the
message of water" is quite profound, (ask me to show you how profound).

mawk: consider yourself asked:-)

mawk: also there was a very interesting interview (on andrew denton's show
on the abc) of a professor in melbourne who had also been reviewing old
methods of contraception. one old method required using lemon or lime juice.
they tested this and found that it immediately made sperm inactive. he then
had the idea to test this use of citrus juice on the hiv virus and got the
same results! that is it stopped the virus dead in its tracks. he said that
at a recent medical conference a colleague told him that in laos they still
practiced this method of contraception. he checked the records for aids in
that part of the world and found that laos had a very significantly less
incidents of aids compared to surrounding countries such as thailand and
vietnam were this practice is not evident.

andrew denton is a comedian in australia but he is also passionate about
social issues. on the radio last week he came out with a quote i really
liked, "when henry kissenger won the noble peace prize cynicism became

i will post a link to this transcript when it comes up later in the week.
denton, in the same program also had an american musician called michael
filanti(?) and his band the spearheads on. michael seemed to expound a law
of one philosophy, and told an interesting story of how one of his band
members had been investigated by the cia or fbi, (can't remember which)
because their music took a peace stance. apparently the song they played had
been black band on american radio though one station has played it.
interesting times, as it seems the status quo is starting to be questioned
in the mainstream press (at least in australia).