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Maya Reek
12-09-2002, 11:07 AM

last night by full consiousness "somebody"/entity gave me a sort of
stamp. on the place of my third eye.
the "stamp" was 2 snakes in a coil/spiral together. the tails were
together and the heads were apart.
it felt good.

i live in france and there you have snakes. after living there for many
years and never seen a snake, i said on one morning (that was about 4
years ago); now i want to see a snake!
and guess what happend 30 minutes later.........yes i saw 2 snakes. they
were copulating! they copulate in a special position; just like the
"stamp" , body's in a spiral together, heads apart. the heads bumping
against eachother. i was standing very close to the snakes, about 1
meter/40 inches distance. looking for minutes at them.

my question is, does anyone know the meaning of 2 snakes in a spiral
together? i know it is connected to the sign doctors use. but i don't
know the real meaning.

love and light,

12-09-2002, 05:10 PM
hi maya,

thought you might find this extract from the book "journey into
consciousness" enlightening:-) i know the tibetans would consider this dream
very auspicious. on a synchronistic note i have spent the last week helping
three tibetan monks build a stupa on my neighbors' property. on saturday i
saw a brown snake and on sunday i saw a black snake!



journey into consciousness by charles breaux
pages 222 to 238

the gift of the dakini
not long after i was introduced to tibetan buddhism, i had the following
experiences. at that time my knowledge of the various deities and more
advanced practices was very limited. i was not under the personal guidance
of any teacher during this time, although i had taken refuge with karmapa
and received some lesser teachings and initiations. the events that follow
took place entirely spontaneously. (i might add that this was not my first
experience with kundalini. about ten years earlier i had been inspired to
live in the woods like a yogi on retreat. during that time i had my initial
experience with the awakening of kundalini.) several years after the events
that i am about to share took place, i attended a mahamudra retreat and was
initiated into higher tantric practices. although i have had the experiences
recorded below, and have had the mahamudra initiations and instructions, i
do not feel that i can write about these final stages of the tantric path
with any genuine authority, nor, if i could, do i think it would be
ultimately of great value to you. i therefore choose to conclude with the
diary of my relationship to the dakini who introduced me to the realization
symbolized in highertantric practices in hopes of inspiring you to seek out
viable source of knowledge-your own experience.

while the tantric tradition emphasizes a relationship to an incarnate guru,
tantric lore also contains many legends of yogis who received initiations
from dakinis who appeared to them in dreams, meditation, or in the form of
an incarnate woman. modern research also indicates that kundalini can awaken
spontaneously outside of a student-teacher relationship-in most cases, i
assume, due to previous lifetimes in which it had been developed. or in
other situations, the archetypal forces at play may be surfacing of their
own accord.

in sharing this excerpt from my diary, i hope to convey the intrinsic value
of the symbols and experiences as they appeared naturally. by so doing i
hope to impress upon the reader that these deities, i.e., their qualities of
consciousness, do indeed exist in the more sublime dimensions of the psyche.

march 8, 1980
a female spirit came to me today while i was meditating. she asked me to
meditate regularly and to refrain from sexual encounters for several months;
in turn she would aid me in my spiritual practice. to my surprise she then
sat astride me in the tantric yabyum position. i felt an intense exchange of
psychic energy, especially in the left and right channels along the spine
ida and pingala). this profound experience of the resonance between us
inspired me to reflect on the ancient sexual practices of tantra. this led
to a spontaneous recall of a life as a woman tantric teacher in ancient
india. after this meditation experience, i was very intrigued and was left
in a state of expectancy.

march 9
the dakini began the meditation today by drawing a circle around me on the
floor. within the circle she drew a six-pointed star (two interlocking
triangles). she then assumed the yabyum position and i began to feel a
powerful sense of grounding. i also became aware of a concentration of
energy in my first chakra and then noticed that my ?consort? was sucking
energy from her left and right channels into her first chakra. this was
creating a vacuum in my own energy system which was drawing energy into my
first chakra.

again i was amazed by the resonance between us. it felt like two voices
singing in harmony: the merging of the two energies created something that
is more than the sum of the two parts. i felt a tremendous peace and an
overall balancing of my energy field. (the mandala of the two interlocking
triangles was the only clue that i had to assigning an identity to the
dakini who was instructing me. it is the mandala of the goddess vajra
vahari, the goddess associated with dumo fire in tibetan tantra. see figure
36 on page 224.)

march 10
today my guide sat in front of me and my attention was again drawn to the
first chakra. i noticed that the left and right channels that meet there
were larger today. then the place where they meet seemed to open up and the
channels turned upward like two snakes to enter the central channel. after
about fifteen minutes i felt a dense energy begin to move up the central
channel. the image of a glass tube being filled with a golden liquid came to
mind. when the golden liquid got to the level of my third chakra it was
blocked from moving higher by a dark thick substance in the tube. after the
pressure built up for awhile, the denser energy was pushed upward and i felt
it running up through my chest and out my arms. continuing to rise, the
golden liquid spewed out the top of my head. i became a fountain of golden

my guide then came and sat in the yabyum position. this caused the flow of
energy in the central channel to increase. i felt a great deal of warmth and
love as we sat embracing in this shower of golden energy. i also had an
uncanny feeling of being opened up from the inside out. layer after layer
seemed to peel away, revealing vast horizons of inner space. eventually,
everything was stripped away and there was nothing left, no me, no guide,
nothing except a lucid golden light. i have no idea how long i remained in
this state. returning, i felt like a buddha radiating light out in all

ps - if anyone on the list would like the continuation to the diary let me
know. it goes for another 6 or 7 pages.

Chris Hamilton
12-09-2002, 08:06 PM
maya: last night by full consiousness "somebody"/entity gave me a sort of stamp.
on the place of my third eye. the "stamp" was 2 snakes in a coil/spiral
together. the tails were together and the heads were apart. it felt good.

maya, good to hear from you :) you may want to read about the kundalini and
releasing and integrating of energies from your dream. you may be trying to
integrate your masculine and feminine sides, a good thing to be sure :) when
these energies synergize, you can get such dreams. snakes have always indicated
the energy we express from our base chakra to the crown chakra. you can do
searches on the internet for this. your unique synchronicity in seeing your two
snakes is so interesting. and, again, if you are very young (under 20), it could
indicate your sexual awakening too. chris

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12-10-2002, 12:34 AM
--- in asc2k@yahoogroups.com (/group/asc2k/post?postid=byn7fkc4wdauwt0a6i-vqmvtfyczrfzqjb_2c0nfkpta7a38h0fo7jfllcehcqobvucf7 y4v8y9xziuchnxb), "chris hamilton" <chris.hamilton2@v...>
> ...you may want to read about the kundalini ...

this excerpt below may be interesting in
the context of connecting a few topics
recently brought up. it is from the
introduction of the book that was mentioned
before as rooting the "evolutionary energy"
subject stream. the unspoken truth that
was touched upon here is that sex is sacred:
that through the elevated and sustained
states of orgasm, this transformative
kundalini energy is activated. another
impression is that it is this energy which
crystalizes the pineal gland as the
philosopher's stone. transcendentally, pat

"in the early christian church the word
christ was used as a synonym for the solar
principle in man...(solar principle
signifies kundalini.)

the allegory of eve and the serpent: the
primordial electricity or solar force,
semi-latent with the aura of every human
being, was known to the greeks as the
speirema, the serpent coil; and in the
upanishads, the sacred writings of india,
it is said to lie coiled up like a
slumbering serpent. in the third chapter
of the book of genesis it is symbolized as
the serpent, 'more subtle than any beast of
the field that the lord god had made.' eve,
when this force stirred within her, was
tempted to its misapplication. directed
downward through the lower physical centers
for generation, unhallowed by a consciousness
of responsibility to god and the incoming
soul, the serpent force or fire brought
knowledge of evil; directed upward toward
the brain for regeneration, the formation of
the deathless solar body, it brought knowledge
of good. hence the dual operation of the
solar force is symbolized as the tree of
knowledge of good and evil.

cabalists used the term 'philosophers stone'
to denote the supreme wisdom, the union of
the divine consciousness or omniscient solar
principle in man with the lower consciousness
or personality in all ages. this mystical
union has been the goal of initiates in all
ages. 'through knowledge of the law governing
the solar force man shall gain power to
awaken those ganglia corresponding to the
planets, and therby controlling the planetary
forces manifesting in him shall unfold the
immortality of his own being and become
master of his destiny.'

there are thousands of books on religion,
mysticism, and magic that could be read with
new understanding once the rosetta stone of
kundalini is applied to what so far has
remained obscure. whether masonic, hermetic,
rosicrucian, qabbalistic, or alchemical, all
become apparent that kundalini is the golden
thread that runs through all the world's
sacred writings, providing the only safe
channel for the scientific exploration of the
mind. it is, as gopi krishna has intimated,
the only road aligned by nature to reach the
territory of consciousness."

from introduction of:
kundalini empowering human evolution
selected writings by gopi krisna
edited by gene kieffer, paragon 1996

Maya Reek
12-10-2002, 07:31 AM
> > ...you may want to read about the kundalini ...

o well, what can i say about that....
since a few years the kundalini energy rises by me.
i have never done anything for this, no exercises or whatever.
it just started.
during the "risingprocess", i have also never done anything to stimulate
it or to decrease it. it is also my opinion, that kundalini and chakra's
are in a way a reflection of the spiritual progress of the person. when
the person spiritually develops himself more and more, the chakra's
changes.and the kundalini rises. so i have never manipulated chakra's by
myself or by others.
(manipulating, by force provoking changes, is of course different then
supporting chakra's) .

so in my case, i just observed the "risingprocess" sometimes physical
having feelings of warmth, sometimes feelings of very hot and sometimes
feelings of "burning".
in 2001, the kundalini have reached my head, were the litlle brains are
located. that was a difficult time for me. offen having "burning"
feelings inside my head.
on the spiritual level, during that period, i had to look deep inside
myself. cleaning up a lot of stuff from past lives. stuff like
"distorted" thinkpatterns. first i had to understand what had caused
such a thinkpattern, then to accept it 100%, and then let go of the
distortion. that's a 24 our job ; )
after that, the kundalini rises again.

so may be, the night before last night, it has rised up to my third eye.
may be....
the stamp came after i had ?seen', in a way who i am and what i have to
do in my life now. the stamp was in a way a life. it was vibrating.
i still do not fully understand the stamp, but that will come at the
right time ; )
thanks for everyone who has responded to my question.

with this personal story about kundalini, i try to give a kind of a
counterpoise to "weird" story's about kundalini.
i don't know if this is too much personal or incorrect for this list.
when it is, let me know.
love and light,

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