View Full Version : An interesting astrological event today, Dec. 9/02

Ruth Paterson
12-09-2002, 11:47 AM
i am copying this to asc2k, as i thought you might all
be interested in it. ruth

from: "t & j williams" <howdoesit@... (/group/asc2k/post?postid=bjhwktk5n-oxpesodyffpmpqdy8ufohd-q-8yp1kkig6p1baltpvnff6h-acdi30-zvjbvogjiamsbsv)>
subject: [elm] from jonathan cainer's website on
astrology 12/9/02
date: mon, 9 dec 2002 11:01:03 -0700


eric francis: today the sun and moon precisely align
with two of the most powerful planets, uranus and
pluto. but they do so at exactly the same time, at
5:01pm, a synchronicity that's nothing less than a
booming voice from heaven. the sun, our solar will in
its most spiritual and visionary form, aligns with
pluto, the planet of soul. and the moon, our guiding
light of intuition, joins forces with uranus, the
revolutionary passion for freedom. this combined theme
is uniquely modern, because we live in a time when
there are great efforts being made by millions of
people to balance out their male and female energies,
and to express both deeply. if there's one day of your
life that's not guided by fear, let it be today.

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