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12-05-2002, 01:43 PM
petition to require weapons inspection of us secret military bases


require weapons inspections at us secret military bases

target: kofi annan un secretary general
to: un security council
sponsor: bz botani

signatures: 520

goal: 2,000

deadline: ongoing ...

the us secret military threatens the stability and health of the
entire planet. americans can no longer gain access to these secret
technologies and projects. we appeal to the un security council to
pass a resolution to require the us to open its secret military bases
for inspection.

we, the undersigned, hereby appeal to the un security council to pass
a resolution to require the united states to open its secret military
and research facilities for inspection.

evidence has been mounting, from the world's leading viral
scientists, chemical weapons experts, and former military officers at
these facilities, that highly dangerous and experimental technologies
and weapons are being developed at us secret bases, under the cloak
of "national "security."

the american people, including our representatives, can not gain
access to these facilities, under threat of death (posted), and have
no way of monitoring the threats to our security, health, and foreign
relations. we can no longer trust our secret government agencies to
tell us the truth.

if the un security council does not intervene, and no action is taken
to expose the deadly nuclear, biological, chemical, and energy
weapons in various stages of deployment, then we believe the survival
of humanity may be jeopardized.

the united states is not automatically the "good cowboy" simply
because we have a pretty flag and a white house on our money,
especially with secret elite societies having colonized our military
and spy agencies for the past century, now having taken control of
the executive "command in chief."

we appeal to the international community to rise up with us and
confront this military danger to our children and our future.