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06-23-2001, 12:19 PM
hello david,

my contacts in egypt gave us a substance in a bag. this substance
was found in the neck of male mummies and the vagina of female mummies.
the egyptian antiquities organization keep these finds very secret.
obviously, somebody from the inside gave this to one of my contacts.
this substance is reported to be magical and it has been said that the
egyptian govt are giving this stuff to the jpl laboratory in the u.s. to

this substance sounds very reminiscent of the mystical white powder
gold talked about in some circles. i had this stuff analyzed back in the
states and it was found to have traces of mercury in it as well as
substances that have not been recognized in the general isotope system
of analysis.

it is my intuitive belief that the mummies found with this stuff
came from later dynasties rather from mummies from the old kingdom or
from the time of horus ( the first time). this is why:

i feel that this elixer of life substance was made from the old
ancient egyptian alchemical process learned originally from atlantean
priests called white powder gold. many in the hindu tradition believed
that taking mercury through the pores and through the opening in the
penis could bypass poisoning the digestive track and give them powers
and create immortality. is it possible that this substance when injected
in the tissue of the deceased could rejuvenate the body and make people
come back to life? could this be the reason for the whole mummification
process? could it be that after a long period of time passed the later
dynasties lost the recipe for this substance as atlantean priests
started to die out and found that there mummies did not come back to
life any more?

this is my intuitive belief david. i have meditated since i was 12
years old. i am now 38 so i am very open to the cosmic and what my
inner self says is usually true.
what is your feeling on this? john carlo