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08-04-2002, 07:37 PM
regarding the below.

in regards to the part of life liberty and the persuit of happiness.
well, the persuit of happiness means the persuit of property, but he
didn't want to be called a person who plagiarizer, so he changed it.
or that's what i was told in my u.s. history class a few years back.



think about it this way. your body couldn't function very well if
each cell declared itself separate from the body and shut down,
refusing to "vibrate" with the rest of the body systems. it is for
this simple reason that the world's spiritual teachers all suggest to
us that god has an agenda, seeking to reinforce the loving, unifying
thoughts and actions. how could one part of the body rage against
another if the body is to perpetuate itself through cooperation? no
one can deny that each one of us wishes to be happy ? it is written
directly into the constitution of the united states as one of our
most fundamental "rights." why should god be any different?