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05-23-2002, 04:00 AM
hi group...

just had an interesting synchronicity which i though i should post... i woke
up this morning with a mild bad throat, kinda hurt when i swallowed. its been
like this most of the morning, so im sitting at my desk at work here and
thought i wonder why this bad throat is manifesting? i then thought must be a
blockage in communication with someone i know... so i went through the poeple
who i may have had a blockage as a result of energy transfer with and then
realised who it was and what had happened/ what i should have done... i then
glanced at the digi clock on my phone and got a 2:22 so i knew i was on track
about the blockage. i almost instantly felt a clearing in the throat and have
had no pain since... so, i immediately thought maybe i should post this on
the list, i was unsure... another glance at the clock on my computer and got
a 14:14 (comp clock is slower than phone)... i dont know if this is supposed
to lead anywhere but thought i should post it anyway.