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Clark stewart
05-17-2002, 01:17 PM
greetings group/dw,

this email was suppose to address the email sent by chris, but i am glad you
have addressed it, and from now on we should all try and clarify who we are
emailing in repsonse to, wether it is a quote or statement, link etc.
as you saw, dw wrote at the intro of his response, "clark wrote".

>dw: my statement was general and not tied to any one person. it is also a
>statement that i must make when these issues come up. i do not consider
>myself disinformed; i experienced using the drug marijuana for four years,
>got heavily addicted and went through a recovery process.

let us look here, your experience could be categorized as simply a
information experience.
you and your consciousness, would at the time decide how to interpret the
catalyst, if it was to become fat and a 'abuser' then so be it. and if you
can use that to grow , great.!

but now to apply this to every other possible drug experience, is alittle of
a over statement.
therefore i would conclude, that the m/b/s complex known as dw is informed
of a type of 'drug' experience
, though the application to adjacent m/b/s complex's would be different
especially considering what has been brought into the experience...
for example , you mention trying to cloud your reality, which i know many
that do this...intentionally chosen

my x-gf lost her dear brother, and smoked everyday, expecting me to join
her, some days i did, some i didn't, but when i did it was never for the
same reasons as her.
i seeked enlightment, and found it thru this resource, she seeked further
distortion and temporarily it may work, and cause her a synthetic comfort.

you can see the idea/metaphor of it acting like a cruch/training wheels.
thus like seth has said, we have found many snufs before the use of your
he implied here (again paraphrasing), that there is a use , and it is apart
of soul evolution.
we have just narrowed are knowledge of the variety available, and soma has
become the taboo comodities that pharmacopia makes deemable/legal.
so when something is legal i do not ass-ume any aspect of it is crystal
coshure-ness, and nor am i afraid to step across the line, i chose to dance
about as a free soul should , allways respecting others free will, and
trying to minimize my own experiential impostitions on another.

>dw: i shared my opinion, and for now drugs are considered illegal in most
>countries including my own, so the free will issue isn't quite as crystal
>clear on this topic as it would be on most others.

again, salivia is not apart of the controlled substance declaration.(in
canada/us, others i don't know)
so what we are missing here is the dichotomy of illegal, and legal.
this thread started out legal,and....went to illegal, except if your in
amsterdam :)
the aspect of free will is somewhat distorted when legalities are in
although they still do not supercede free will.
why is it that they are illegal, i have contemplated this for many moons.
and we are dealing with a pre-cursor of a constitutional breech, were 'they'
know of free will and the writing of certain terist bills may further
distort this balance, if there could be said to be one.

dw>remember: if we hit new
>york times, we don't want fodder for character assaults. bad enough that
>"this guy thinks he was edgar cayce", etc. etc. what you all discuss
>reflects on myself and on this mission directly, even if i publicly state

cs>this places alot of pressure on the group,to not slip up, or paranoia
imprint, for example,
"this group is being highly monitored", i am sure we are on many levels, but
your intent was that based in fear my dear brother.
fear of further rejection of what you have worked so hard for, fear of what
the media could do.
this i sense is coming aol risdual on the are, and cayce treatment of you,
which i am sure is somewhat bothersome to say the least. the comment below
is a example.

>all quotes we write are in a public
>archive that can be used against us so that none of the real material is
>ever even mentioned. remember that. i won't be shot with bullets but with
>character assaults.

why not have us focus on positive affirmation, like we will be guided into a
honest opinion of the press.
we should be focused on love and applications therein, not worries.of this
or that.
don't say this, don't say that.....were is freedom of speech if we must
think of a over shadow presense amounst this group

dw>i do hope that the world will pay attention to this material as
>things become ever more apparent.

cs> remember what ra said to don about his concern for the number of people
they reach, it is just as significant to reach the few then it is to reach
the many.
focus on how much you have acheived, this would help you in relieve the
pressure you create for yourself.

much love and respect my brother and sisters,

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David Wilcock
05-17-2002, 04:30 PM
from: clark stewart [mailto:fudoshin09@... (/group/asc2k/post?postid=ea71vkdzmdtgb-sehgb9uvsgowkgd14prfvxsofjgmjbz_smd3hkvogg_fdiknez adthgcpddh4mulafh_w_vae)]

>focus on how much you have acheived, this would help you in relieve the
pressure you create for yourself.

dw: thanks for reminding me - you know every post i write is heavily
scrutinized, which is good catalyst. i've been doing a total raw-food diet
now for about a week and a half, and have had some serious detox going on -
even to the point of getting spontaneous cold sores and periodontal
infections. i've pretty much knocked them out with hydrogen peroxide
mouthwashes, tea tree oil topically applied and more frequent brushing.

i've slowed the detox down a bit in the last two days by not going totally
raw. there has been some measure of consciousness enhancement from all
this - i cleaned the whole house today and had a marvelous time wading in
shallow tide pools at the beach amongst the gulls, pelicans and crabs. found
some last-minute material that adds to the overall presentation of divine
cosmos; still working very diligently. i've also activated some people on
the wait-list since funding is a big issue at the moment. lots to manage.

peace be with you -

- david

btw: i finally figured out what "natrium" is - it's sodium. and h02 is
hydroperoxyl. global shift attendees will know what i'm talking about - the
first one is in reference to the moon's atmosphere, (which i now find out
may or may not be "new"), and the second one is a chemical that is
spontaneously showing up in greater amounts in our atmosphere. both are
referenced in dr. dmitriev's groundbreaking study, which i'm compressing
into a chapter right now: