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05-09-2002, 12:30 PM
ive never posted before.. content to just read what all you
lovely peeps have to say. *smooch*

my own imbalance involves isolation of self so that figures :p
(been working on that)
i am dreading the recent events with mail bomber. the general philosophy
has now been brought to a much wider attention,
but in a negative and dangerous light. im just waiting for the
journals and news articles to come out, concerning this new
danger...as it will be percieved.

i expect something like this... because ive already been exposed to
it before, with the columbine killings.

suddenly...overnight... instead of looking at me with curiosity or
confusion (as was normal)
people were looking at me with hatred and fear. blam, instantly...that
because now they knew, about those freaks...and obviously i was one of
them, even worse.. i was one of them times 10.

this has the subtle taste.. of that very thing.

so a great disservice has been done. thats all. blah blah
thank you for you time good-day.


Tiffani Boswell
05-10-2002, 08:24 AM
thank you so much for sharing scott and also for your website...love that
spiraling graphics at the beginning!

tiffani :)