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04-14-2002, 03:14 PM
the paprika incident, i was in my boredom, so like usual i searched
the kitchen cabinets for something to eat my mom was cooking at the
stove, existence of food was at a fearing nill so i headed back to my
room, i got to the stairs when my mom asks, "tiffany can you please
get me the paprika, i run back to the kitchen but before i get there
i notice i have something in my hand, the paprika. i somehow must
have took it out of the cabinet without realizing it and at the
moments later my mom needs the exact thing i accidently take out! i
told my mom and she says, "you are strange."

the end of malabar road, my friends and i used to hang out there
until this one night in particular. we were just hanging out the
place was beautiful at night you could see the stars clearly and
there wasn't anyone for miles around. we were admiring the sky like
usual when we all seemed to notice this horizontal line of lights all
in a row each light seperated in the same distance. that is when they
began to move, first in the same formation except vertical, then back
to horizontal, then one by one the light would pounce away and come
back to formation, this went on for a half an hour, and finally they
all were gone. so we are still ahnging out when my friend thinks he
sees his friends car down the dirt path we acme so he hops in his car
and drives to meet him. our friend is gone for a while now and we
decide to go look for him, we start hearing him sream for help and we
find him in a pond, standing on top of his sinking car. he said he
thought he was following the road and when he finally noticed he
wasn't and he was on his was into a pond, he tried to brake but his
brakes did not work. he said his car had no problems with it's brakes
prior and claims it had something to do with the lights. we have not
gone back to this day.