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03-26-2008, 01:22 AM
hi all,

i'm writing in the hopes that someone out there may suffer the same condition and have some answers for me.

i have been experiencing headaches for at least the last 10 years, and by headache, i mean the type that start small and get painful enough in a matter of hours so that to get through the day i need to take pain medication. they have been occuring noticably more and more often (almost daily, sometimes going for days at a time) over the last few years, and i'm at the point where anything i do causes me to get a headache! i rest for an hour and wake up with a headache, i get on my treadmill, and get off with a headache, so it doesn't seem to matter if i do nothing, or do something, i get them regardless. the doctors just don't know why - and quite frankly, they don't even seem concerned (which gets on my nerves).

so, i just take the drugs (simple over the counter stuff - panadol, nurofen, etc) which hardly ever works, or at least minimises the pounding. sometimes i'm up to 12 tablets a day (3 at a time, 4 times a day) or even 16 tablets, and still have a headache at days end. i am now starting to wonder whether there's a non-physical reason for them. is my chakra blocked? and if so, how do i clear it?!!! is it a symptom of too much computer time? (i'm practically glued to the pc or laptop - run an online business) is it a sign of my body adjusting to the coming 2012 changes?

i'm looking for any reasonable suggestions (without changing my diet or lifestyle) that could help get rid of them. i can't stop taking the pain relief drugs because i just wouldn't be able to function and take care of my 2 little girls, so i have to take the drugs on the premise that they may relieve me, even slightly.

i'm leaning towards the clearing my chakra thing as my next option, but i don't know how to start, and can't afford to see anyone who could do it for me (too many rip offs around to waste money on).

any advice from those in similar situations would be appreciated. any advice from chakra healers would be great too. anyone who could meditate on the answer would be my hero!

thanks for reading...

03-26-2008, 04:40 AM
hi tamrie,
i've been reasearching dw's info, project camelot, 2012 stuff heavily for the last month. during that time period i've had a headache right in the center of my forehead (like a 2"circle). also i've needed and extra hours worth of sleep everynight.
i'm not sure if i'm trying to digest to much information or my third eye is starting open up......:d

good luck to you!

03-26-2008, 06:27 AM
i get headaches a lot as well, although not as severe as yours. i know they are caused by different things. sometimes the change in weather can do it; sometimes stress; staring at a computer screen all day and night.

but one thought i had for you - have you had your eyes checked lately? if you are staring at a computer screen a lot, it could be your eyes. as well, as we get older our eyes get worse. i can often get rid of my headaches by putting on my glasses.

other times, it's something else.:confused:

it could be that things are just speeding up more and more these days and it's hard for these 3d bodies of ours to keep up.

taking too much pain medication isn't good for you either. it'll do in your stomach. i would see a specialist if your doctors are not concerned.

Val Zee
03-26-2008, 08:50 AM
ask the doctor to check hormone levels. i had violet headaches frequently all during my childbearing years and later with hrt (hormone replacement therapy) but they miraculously stopped when when i was no longer getting too many hormones, natural or otherwise. now i haven't had a headache in years. birth control pills are known to also cause headaches in some.

leo scone
03-26-2008, 09:47 AM
hi tamarie, frank-o here. you said "without changing diet or lifestyle." isn't having headaches a lifestyle you would like to change? i think it wise to re-examine that idea. i'm going to take a quick wild stab and ask if you are consuming a lot of sugar-free products, things that contain, for example, aspartame. there is an incredible amount of information out there about these neurotoxins in our food, and the effects they have. headaches are definitely one of them. it is potential that dietary changes are exactly what is needed.

as well, i at one point was reading about some pain-blockers and the theory was that they only blocked the pain, which actually re-emerged as a signal within the nervous system after the pain-blocker wore off, thus prompting use of another pain-blocker. essentially, the same pain over and over again. sounds like something the pharmaceutical companies would love (or already do). perhaps less would be more on that front as well.

i see many other excellent thoughts for you in this thread as well, so good luck!

love, blessings, and abundance,


03-26-2008, 10:08 AM
there are many things that could be causing the headaches. have you tried doing your own research into what might be causing them?

a non-physical cause is a possibility, but i would explore the possible physical imbalances or possible conditions which could be causing them.

have you looked into diet and possible allergies, for example?

how do you sleep at night?
i have found that sleep plays a major role in how i feel. if i get too much or too little sleep, it can cause headaches.

like someone else suggested, hormones can also play a major role in our physical well-being. if you find that this may be the cause, changes to the diet and vitamin supplements can help, heal and support your body.
i've started taking a vitamin supplement that has everything in to help balance moods out and pre-menstrual tension. a lot of women, for example, lack in magnesium, which is very important.

anyway, i hope you find what you are looking for.

love & light.

03-26-2008, 10:37 AM
hello tamarie,

unfortunately almost all illness is the result of diet and emotions and a resistance to changes in diet or lifestyle is doomed to continuation of the same. there are some good suggestions here and i can add to them slightly.

1. don't drink any softdrinks whether diet or not. avoid carbonated beverages of any kind, especially diet drinks containing aspartame or sodium benzoate. limit your intake of coffee and tea. fruit juices and pure distilled water are your best sources of fluids.

2. avoid milk that is not certified to be harmone free. limit your intake of meats or eliminate them all together.

3. do not consume tap water, whether drinking or cooking. stop using toothpaste unless it is fluoride free. if using antibiotics ask for fluoride free formulations.

4. for temporary relief use an anti-histamine such as sudafed instead of a pain reliever, it may be allergies.

i can't guarantee these will solve the problem but i give it a 90% chance of success based on experience not science.;)

03-26-2008, 02:59 PM
your mention of painkillers makes me wonder whether you're having medication headaches:

"you may have a bad spell of tension headaches or migraines, perhaps during a time of stress. you take painkillers more often than usual. you continue doing this for a while. therefore, your body becomes used to the painkillers. a 'rebound' or 'withdrawal' headache then develops if you do not take a painkiller within a day or so of the last dose. you think this is just another tension headache or migraine, and so you take a further dose of painkiller. when the effect of each dose of painkiller wears off, a further withdrawal headache develops, and so on.

a vicious circle develops. in time, you may have headaches on most days, or on every day, and you end up taking painkillers every day, or on most days. some people start to take painkillers 'routinely' every day to try to prevent headaches. this only makes things worse.

the headache of medication headache is often described as 'oppressive' and tends to be worse first thing in the morning, or after exercise."

you might find it interesting to do a search on the phrase medication headache - i had a short period of this and it was very intrusive - regardless, i hope you find something that alieviates the pain soon

03-26-2008, 05:08 PM
my dad took painkillers for his headache's for many years.

some of the most powerful you can get too. solpadine.

they were really bugging him.

one day he remarked to me how wonderful it was. he stopped taking painkillers and his headache's disappeared.

also, just as a side note. did you know the reason someone gets headache's when they stop caffeine is because it stops 30% of the blood going to the brain. so when a person stops taking caffeine, the blood rush gives them a headache.

03-26-2008, 06:09 PM
hi if you would like to unblock your chakras i recommend [email for] book and start your own mediation practices as i also have headaches in my 3rd eye chakra in the centre of my skull and have just bought a kundalini book on amazon . i just started my practice and things are coming together. drugs are only masking the problem and creating further imbalances, you need to pull the problem out from the root not just numb it, hope this is of some help :d every problem has a cause and a cure to the cause!

03-26-2008, 06:16 PM
maybe you have that 'nasal fungal infection' that the commercials say can be a side effect of allergy medicine...

03-26-2008, 08:01 PM
headaches can have many causes, but almost always it's some kind of message your body is trying to get to you. so even if you find something to mask, or temporarily relieve the pain, it's somewhat akin to putting a piece of black tape over your oil light when it comes on.

that being said, you can get headaches from so many different things anymore... but i would bet it's some kind of allergy. i don't remember ever having a headache until i was 40 years old; never had allergies either til then, so i didn't really appreciate what i was missing out on. :(

03-26-2008, 10:50 PM
i have had pressures and tinglings and such ever sense getting heavily into the "spiritual" ideas. i also got very sick and lethargic and the western docs put me on pain medication which just made me worse. taking your stressfull and demanding situation into account i would definitely not try anything to "cleansing" or dramitic as i tried to be a hero and take the fast route to health while also trying to be in college. doing to many things at once can cause one to sleep alot due to the cleansing and although i felt better i was unable to get much done as i slept almost all of the time. i had to take a few years off of college and now only take one class and get taken care of by my parents. i was lucky as i had people and situations to support me and i realize must people dont have this. so, unless you can take some time off i would suggest taking it slow and making small changes like monitering diet (without giong to far) as that seems to consume some people. as for the pain i could suggest a couple good sites for easy qigong type exercises that have helped my pain and i found one that is free. i dont know if i can post sites message me if you are interested? good luck, this was my process but always remember you are your own best source of info i believe. sometimes its just good to have outside help or incouragement.

03-28-2008, 08:01 PM
hi all,

it's been great to hear everyone's suggestions. thank you immensely. you've really given me some good info to take into consideration.

my first action is to stop the painkillers. it's strange to think that i can be addicted to them, without even knowing it! the withdrawal headaches seem to make alot of sense, and explain many things... so even though i know it's going to hurt, i'll stop with the drugs and see how i go over the next few months.

what an awesome bunch of people you are!

thank you again!


03-28-2008, 10:16 PM
hi tamarie -

i work as a naturopath (natural health care field) and my experience has been, with the majority of clients with headaches, that there is a high level of toxicity in the body. toxicity can come from many sources - medications (prescription) are highly toxic to our bodies, radiation from numerous sources (naturally occurring in the ground, from the various electronic devices we use, dental and medical x-rays, sunshine, etc.), food additives is a huge one (the chemicals, dyes, msg - ugh, etc.), chemicals used in the environment and also in the stuff we wear, live in, etc., toxins that are put in our mouths - dental, on our bodies - personal care products.....ahhhhh, the list goes on and on. in my profession, i use kinesiology to test for these various things and others and that, for me, is an efficient way to find out and offer treatment. i generally use homeopathic products to detox because it goes down to a cellular level and is pretty thorough.

that said, working on the physical body only is very limiting. the interesting thing is to go further and ask "why is this body susceptible to this imbalance in the first place?" then my work can take me to mental constructs, suppressed emotions, spiritual beliefs, etc that are not serving the person overall. then a difference can really be made toward getting resolution of not just the immediate complaint but resolution of the ongoing pattern of imbalance.

my best to you,

03-29-2008, 05:26 AM
great advice here. i would second cleaning up your diet (avoid artificial anything) and take medication sparingly.

as for the "clearing the chakra" thing, i personally feel like that is as important as taking a bath. i think all illness starts in our etheric body first and then moves in physicality later, and that our thoughts and beliefs "cause" all dis-ease. there are inexpensive chakra clearing meditations on cd that are available. or you might consider getting reiki attuned, level i, which will help you easily clear your chakras. a reiki attunement is a 1-day class, and usually costs less than a doctor's visit.

but, headaches seem to be an ascension symptom too. some people believe our body structure is actually changing, and that changes in our pineal glands are causing headaches. i know i have been getting them behind my third eye, often.

so, you have company with your headaches.

good luck and blessings,

03-29-2008, 09:37 PM
hi there,

i have been sitting with your post and some of the things that have come to me....

sitting quietly in meditation and locating where the source of the pain within your head is coming from placing your hands on either side of the pain and turning up the light in your hands with the intension to clear it sending the light from one end of your head thru the pain and out the other side.

i sometimes find when things feel a bit stuck in a chakra or spot in the energy field is can help to create a spiraling light like a tornado and swirl it around quickly and brightly to clear the space.

an attunement i recently learned that i found very powerful starts with placing your thumbs on your ears and your index fingers on your third eye while creating infinity symbol over your third eye then moving your fingers up a couple on inches still keeping your thumbs on your ears and clearing with more infinity symbols...keep it going to the top of the head so your hands are in an upside down u shape and continue with the moving down your head to reach the bone at the back (sorry can's remember what it's called right now) and then go back up the head thru all these spots again and up to the third eye.....this bridges the two sides of the brain clears the glands and anything in the way of the sides of the brain connecting.

i also felt that eft (emotional freedom technique) might be very helpful for you i have had some great success with it for allergies. some food allergies can also manifest as severe headaches. you can download the eft manuals for free on the internet i have found that doing it for even just an hour has reversed allergies that had been with me for years.

i know you mentioned not wanting any dietary suggestions...it may be a good idea to do a bit of a cleanse even if you don't want to do a herbal one trying to eat just fruit and raw veggies for a couple of weeks to see how your feel ( you may be doing this already ) it would help the body have more energy to work on healing other things.

kris mentioned seeing a specialist if it felt right to you. it can't hurt.

of course know that if you set an strong intension that it is time to heal it and create a dialogue with your mind body and spirit daily will help a great deal. it's love that your came to the forum with this and wonderful to see everyones support. remember you are a beautiful powerful being and so loved by creation.

many healing wishes to you


03-31-2008, 08:25 AM
"i found this on the net...it made me feel better as i am having heart pains as well as headaches and rashes in geometrical shapes which i have never before had in my life."

wow, what kind of geometrical shapes? that is pretty interesting!

04-01-2008, 07:37 AM

i was having similar issues, and the headaches seemed to center on "that time of month", a few days before and last a few days. i was medicating - like you with 2 ibuprofen and 2 benedryl allergy (antihistamines), and repeating that dosage every 5 hrs. or so. not good.

recently i decided to cut out alcohol because my husband was trying to set it aside and i wanted to be supportive. in addition, i had been drinking a diet coke a day, which i know is bad. that stuff is poison. i cut out all diet cokes and decided that if i just had to have a coke that i would have a regular one and not a diet, but i just haven't been drinking any carbonated beverages at all. truth be told, i don't miss them.

anyways - i had no headaches this month. i'm not sure what exactly to attribute that to, but i'm thinking it has something to do with the changes in my diet. examine what you're doing and see if you may not want to make some changes for your health.

04-01-2008, 05:42 PM
used to get migrane type headaches.
found a ciropractor that helped me.