View Full Version : Syncronicities

11-22-2001, 10:02 AM
dear group,
i heard something a couple weeks ago that lends itself
to the subject.
"syncronicities are gods way of staying anonomous."
i don't seem to notice numerical syncs but rather thought syncs.
after i meditate in the morning, new concepts enter my mind and
undoubtedly these concepts are voiced, almost word for word
throughout the day. i hear them voiced in this goup, on the radio
(npr), wisdom media, anywhere and everywhere.
it happens so often that i am pretty much getting "comfortable" with
the feeling that comes over me when a concept is voiced. i believe
this "comfortable" feeling is the goal of syncronicities.
maybe we are learning how to live, and how it will feel to consciously
create our own reality. how it might "feel" to be a 4d being.
just my thoughts on this thanksgiving day.
btw, this goup and everyone in it is one of the things i am
truly thankful for.